How To Build An Epic Fire Pit

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a huge big fire pit in your backyard? It would be 100 times better than having a barbecue. Think about what your barbecue parties would be like – after all the dinner is cooked on the fire, you can invite everyone to come sit around it and roast marshmallows. Heck, they can even roast their own sausages on a long stick. So awesome.

Video: Make Your Own Fire Pit

Be careful not to burn yourself! Don’t let the kids play with fire. Oh, we’re all pyromaniacs here. I often throw sticks on the fire to keep it going, or whatever dry twigs I┬ácan find from the bush.

When I roast marshmallows I always let them catch fire, and watch them burn for about ten seconds, Then when I blow it out, it’s completely black and you can’t see the marshmallow underneath the burnt sugar. That’s how I like it: crunchy on the outside, liquid sugar on the inside. Delicious!

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